Get Your Fix PT: Why Do Shoulder Issues Occur?

Get Your Fix PT: Why Do Shoulder Issues Occur?

Shoulder issues can occur for a variety of reasons. In particular, rotator cuff tightness, rotator cuff weakness, upper back stiffness, poor muscular endurance, and improper muscle recruitment can lead to problems if left unaddressed over time. Learn more about the specifics of each below!

Rotator Cuff Weakness

Rotator cuff weakness is a common cause of shoulder issues. The rotator cuff's job is to help stabilize the shoulder. When we are completing overhead motion or moving our shoulders and arms to the side, the rotator cuff is doing the work of stabilization while the bigger muscles perform the function. If it's weak, issues will begin to develop!

Rotator Cuff Tightness

Tightness in the rotator cuff can be a huge contributor to pain. If left unaddressed rotator cuff weakness will cause a downward spiral where muscles are tightening to protect the joint better. If we can keep rotator cuff muscles strong and loose, it can decrease our risk of shoulder issues going forward. 

Upper Back Stiffness

Lack of upper back mobility can be a big contributor to shoulder issues, largely caused by posture problems through time. If we spend a lot of time sitting, our back can begin to naturally curve forward and slouch, and over time, this will aggravate our shoulder.

Poor Muscular Endurance

When we are using our shoulders frequently, our shoulders can become fatigued. When this fatigue builds up, it leads to pain and injury. 

Improper Muscle Recruitment

Improper muscle firing, or improper timing of firing with our shoulder muscles can lead to problems! Because of posture and movement we have developed through time, our shoulders don't know how to work right. Over time, this leads to fatigue, wear down, and aches and pains. 

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