Making Time and Space to Exercise During Covid-19

Making Time and Space to Exercise During Covid-19

For many of us, exercise can be a struggle: finding the motivation, time, and environment to develop and sustain a routine is not a walk in the park, and life events or even minor disruptions make good work of thwarting even the best intentions.  A “fruitful” trip to the gym requires surprisingly more logistical effort than one might think.  Finding a place that’s suitable to location and amenity requirements can be complicated, and fixing a schedule to allow for 1 hr+ gym visits before, during, or after the workday is hard to manage as a single adult, much less a parent or head of household. 

Solving this dilemma has become even more challenging with the recent arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.  All aspects of the routines many of us had developed have been disrupted, regardless of whether or not they were working to begin with.  Employees who planned exercise around trips to and from the office are no longer going to the office to begin with.   People who counted on the gym environment for camaraderie and motivation are finding their gyms closed or burdened with restrictions.  Parents who relied on the school day and child care to get in a workout are being confronted with school closures and dwindling options for daycares and the like.  Limitations on the use of outdoor spaces like parks and other recreation areas have further limited the options for physical reprieve.  

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  We have been given the opportunity to reimagine what we do, when, where and how we do it, and who we do it with.  Reimagining how we take care of ourselves is a big part of this opportunity.  And, looking around the world, many have moved to seize the chance.  The magnitude and creativity of DIY home gyms, virtual exercise and support groups, and out-of-the-box fitness routines that have sprung up in the last year are both astonishing and inspiring.  

Rehabilitation Health believes we can be an integral part of this movement, and we have put together a set of products from our store that align with the changing time and space requirements of the Covid and post-Covid world.

How can I have a home gym when I live in a small apartment with limited space?

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How can I cleanse without going to a gym or spending a lot of money? 

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How can I relax, massage, and rejuvenate muscles without in-person contact?

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Though not exhaustive, the products listed above can go a long ways towards creating an affordable home gym and exercise routine.  Everything can be taken out, used, and re-stored conveniently throughout the day so that you can workout on your time, in your own space, without breaking the bank. As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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