How the TheraBand Can Help with Exercise and Rehabilitation

How the TheraBand Can Help with Exercise and Rehabilitation

In a previous post, we covered some of the ways resistance bands can help improve your health, and we'd like to expand on their benefits by looking at TheraBand Resistance Bands in particular. TheraBands come in several different resistance options for those at different levels and make a fantastic aid to both exercise and rehabilitation programs.

More About TheraBand Resistance Bands

As seen in the video above, the TheraBand is an elastic resistance band that can be leveraged in a variety of ways and for a variety of movements! The band can also be tied around posts or other fixtures to perform certain exercises.

Using TheraBand to Improve Knee Mobility and Rehabilitation

The exercise in the video above is called a total knee extension and is important to perform after surgery to make sure we are keeping our knee straight. To perform, make sure one end the TheraBand is secured firmly around a fixture of your choice, and loop the other around your knee and tie a knot. Then, pull the band  backwards until the knee is straight, and slowly let it return to starting position. 

Using TheraBand to Increase Hip Strength and Stability

In the video above, we're using the TheraBand to perform a 4-way hip exercise which is an excellent exercise for stability on your stance leg and for strengthening your moving leg. First, fasten one end of the band securely around a fixture at floor height, and tie the other end of the band around your ankle. Start by moving your leg out to the side, then rotate your 90 degrees and kick the leg in the same direction. Repeat this process until you have done a full turn!


The TheraBand is incredibly versatile and meets a wide range of exercise and recovery needs, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a simple yet powerful tool. This post certainly didn't all of the ways it can be used, and we encourage you to try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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