How to Use the Bodyblade to Improve Your Health

How to Use the Bodyblade to Improve Your Health

The Bodyblade is a tool developed by a physical therapist that can be used to activate the core and extremities for rehabilitation, sports performance training, fitness enhancement, and personal training. The Bodyblade's weight and portability make it a great all-around training tool with enough resistance to make a difference while not being too inhibitive for those in the rehabilitation process or older adults. In the sections below, we'll walk through a few ways you can use the Bodyblade to improve your health!

Improve Overall Training and Performance

Sports are unpredictable therefore it's important that training to prevent injury mimics this. The Bodyblade targets specific muscle groups throughout the body by varying the positions of the body or direction of the flexing blade. It trains movement rather than isolated single plane muscles. Through the Bodyblade's use of inertia, the body can be trained to become more efficient at agonist (one side of joint)/antagonist (opposing side of joint or action) activities as it promotes a better balance between muscle acceleration and deceleration on both sides of the joint, resulting in enhanced coordination, flexibility, posture, and efficiency of muscle function. 

Restore Functional Movement Patterns

The Bodyblade restores and challenges functional movement patterns. Use of the Bodyblade can occur in different directions - with the elbow straight (more challenging option) as well as bent (less challenging option). By using the Bodyblade as seen in the video above, the neuromuscular responsiveness of the scapular and shoulder muscles is activated and stability through these movement patterns occurs for optimal rehabilitation and wellness.

Improve Core Strength and Stability

The Bodyblade is particularly useful at strengthening our core. This challenging side plank exercise in the video above is demonstrated on a foam pad, for added challenge on both the working and stabilizing shoulder.


The Bodyblade is extremely versatile and can be used to target just about any area of the body or movement pattern. This article certainly didn't cover the bulk of what the tool has to offer, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself to learn more. It comes with its own book of exercises! As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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