How You Can Use Mini Loop Bands to Improve Your Health

How You Can Use Mini Loop Bands to Improve Your Health

Resistance Bands are an effective tool to improve multiple aspects of health, from strength and stability to mobility and balance. With different levels of resistance, bands offer a solution for all, and can be easily incorporated into a workout or rehabilitation process to target particular muscle groups and areas of the body. In the sections below, we'll walk through how you can use Rainbow Mini Loop Bands to increase shoulder strength and range of motion as well as strengthen hips!

Increase Shoulder Strength & Range of Motion

This exercise is great for people who have completed shoulder surgery and gotten their range of motion back, or for those looking to generally build strength and extend existing range of motion. To complete the exercise, loop the Rainbow Mini Loop around your hands, and raise your arms above your head. Then pulse outwards with your hands.

Strengthen HipsThe Rainbow Mini Loop can also be used to strengthen hips, as seen in the video above. This exercise is called a Bridge with Banded Pulse and is completed by lying down on a flat surface, bending your legs to form a triangle with your knees and the ground, lifting the hips off the ground, and pulsing outwards with your knees.


This article only covered two of the ways the Rainbow Mini Loop can help improve health and rehabilitation, and we encourage you to try them out for yourself to experience all they have to offer and let us know what you think! As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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