How You Can Use Resistance Bands to Improve Health and Rehabilitation

How You Can Use Resistance Bands to Improve Health and Rehabilitation

Resistance bands make a great addition to any exercise routine and extend our ability to target particular muscle groups. Resistance bands are incredibly versatile, and are very easy to throw in a bag to take to and from the gym. In the sections below, we'll cover (just) a few of the ways resistance bands can help improve your health.

Hip, Foot, and Ankle Stability and Mobility

Resistance bands provide many ways to improve hip, foot and ankle stability and mobility. Check them out in the videos below!

The exercise in the video above uses Rainbow Mini Loop Resistance Bands to perform lateral banded walks. Completing this exercise before working out can improve hip, foot, and ankle stability as well as knee joint stabilization. Overall, it improves body mechanics and movement efficiency.

This exercise also uses the Rainbow Mini Loop Bands to increase foot, ankle, and hip strength and mobility. In a seated position, place the band around your feet and rotate each foot out in a rainbow motion. You can also lift each foot upward, bringing your knee towards your chest, to work on your hips.

Poor Posture, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

Along with the lower body, resistance bands can also be used in a variety of upper body exercises targeting different muscles or issues. In the video below, we use a  TheraBand Resistance Band to help improve poor posture and alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Placing the TheraBand in your hands with your palms up and your arms in front of you at chest height, move your arms out to the side for a nice chest opener.


We only covered a few of the things you can do with resistance bands, and encourage you to check out our other articles and try them out for yourself to fully experience all the benefits they can bring to your exercise routine or rehabilitation process. As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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