Learn the Worlds Greatest Stretch with ACL CARE Pro

Learn the Worlds Greatest Stretch with ACL CARE Pro

When rehabilitating after an injury, with frequent leg training, soreness and tightness are not uncommon, especially in the hip muscles (e.g. hip flexors and hamstrings).

The warm up is a great opportunity to relieve tightness, and ACL CARE Pro is deliberate about including ample opportunities to stretch that tightness out in their warm-ups. One of their go-to’s is the “World’s Greatest Stretch.”

The World’s Greatest Stretch derives its name from the fact that it may really be the best stretch in existence, though we certainly can't claim to know one way or the other. Through this drill, not only do you get a hip flexor stretch on the trail leg, but you also get a hamstring stretch on the lead leg as well as some upper back rotation with the reach towards the sky.

Meanwhile, actively switching between sides ensures control through these ranges of motion. Last but not least, the movement offers stability benefits from the plant arm during the reach. Check it out in action in the video below!

In their 14-week ACL return-to-sport training program, ACL CARE Pro includes a new variation of the World’s Greatest Stretch in each of the four phases of program. Each variation offers a new wrinkle on this high-yield warm-up move. Check out their website to learn more!

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