Relax Your Shoulders with a Massage Gun

Relax Your Shoulders with a Massage Gun

Shoulder and neck tension affect many people and can result from poor posture, ergonomics, inappropriate or incorrect exercise and lifting positions, or just general stress. 

In alleviating shoulder tension, we want to target two muscles: the trapezius and the elevator scapulae. The trapezius runs from our neck to the last section of the thoracic spine. The elevator scapulae is small and slender. The trapezius is responsible for lifting the human's scapula from the outside, and the elevator scapulae is responsible for lifting from the inside.

Shoulder Pain Trapezius

With a massage gun, we first want to target the trapezius using a flat massage head. Gently moving the gun along the muscle can help reduce tension and relieve pain. Next, we'll use a bullet massage head on the elevator scapula, moving from the ear down. If you'd like to purchase a gun for yourself, we recommend the RENPHO Mini Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Portable Massager Gun, available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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