Three Products That Can Help Strengthen Your Core

Three Products That Can Help Strengthen Your Core

Our core helps to stabilize our body, allowing us to move and giving us balance. Having a strong core is important for overall mobility and functioning, and even more so for those whose jobs require lifting and activity or individuals involved in athletics. To help strengthen your core, try the products detailed below!

Stamina InMotion Elliptical

The Stamina Inmotion Elliptical is a great way to get in a cardio workout that puts extra emphasis on your core. The strider is great in that it can be conveniently stored most places.

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board

The URBNFit Wooden Balance Board is a great tool to develop and improve core strength and stability, along with general balance. It's also pretty fun to use and great for those interested in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing!

 Synergee Core Sliders

Synergee Core Sliders can be leveraged to perform a variety of exercises, many of which target the core. In the video above, the sliders are placed under the feet while the body is in plank position, working the core as the legs are moved in and out. The sliders can be used on carpet or hardwood / concrete which is very helpful. 


While the products and exercises above are terrific for working on core strength and stability, there is a lot we didn't cover and we encourage you to check out our store for other opportunities to improve health! As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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