Three Things You Can Do With a Foam Roller

Three Things You Can Do With a Foam Roller

The foam roller can not be understated in its ability to target a multitude of areas and issues across the body, helping improve rehabilitation and benefiting overall health. This post covers just a few of the exercise you can perform with a foam roller, along with their use cases and benefits.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

In the video above, a foam roller is placed in the spine of the back while the arms are moved in a few different patterns. These exercises are very helpful in relieving lower back pain.

Enhance Overhead Mobility

For those struggling with pain in the neck or shoulder blades, the exercise in the video above can help! Placing a foam roller against the wall, the exercise is performed by using your forearms to roll the foam roller up the wall, and then slowly moving it back down.

Relieving Pain in the IT Band

The IT Band is located on the side of your leg, traveling from the hip down to your knee. For those with pain in this area, the TriggerPoint CORE Multi Density Solid Foam Roller can be a great tool to help. Check out the video above to see it in action!


While this article is a great starting point in introducing the foam roller, there is a lot more it can be used for that we didn't cover. We encourage you to try one out for yourself to experience the full range of benefits. As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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