Three Things You Can Improve with the Airex Balance Pad

Three Things You Can Improve with the Airex Balance Pad

The Airex Balance Pad is a great tool for those recovering from surgery or an injury, or generally looking to improve balance, stability, and weight control. The balance pad's non-slip surface makes it ideal for a wide range of movements and its versatility allows us to engage different areas of the body and muscle groups, realizing a range of benefits. In the sections below, we'll provide an overview of just a few of the things the Airex Balance Pad can help you improve.

Balance and Body Control

The Airex Balance Pad is a great tool to improve balance. Because the flexibility of foam creates "muscle confusion", performing exercises on the balance pad leads to increased muscle activation, which in turn improves our balance and general body control. In the video above, we use the pad to work on our balance by performing a balance pad squat.


Weight Shifting

For those recovering from surgery, or generally looking to enhance their overall stability, the Airex Balance Pad is a great tool to work on controlling weight shifting. In the video above, we stand on top of the pad and slowly shift from side to side. Because we're standing on foam, we feel more unstable in our center and it is more challenging to control weight, leading to higher muscle activation and improvement!


This article certainly didn't cover all that the Airex Balance Pad has to offer and we encourage you to check it out for yourselves and explore its additional uses and benefits. As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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