Two Exercises To Improve Core Strength

Two Exercises To Improve Core Strength

As the literal core of our bodies, our core plays an important role in almost everything we do. From sitting and standing to walking, running, and most things in between, our core supports stability and motion, and keeping it strong can go a long way in both our ability to perform daily activities and our ability to prevent injury. In this post, we'll cover two exercises with two different products that can be performed to help improve core strength!

Side Plank Exercise with the Bodyblade Kit

In the video above, we use both the Bodyblade Classic Kit and the Airex Balance Pad to perform a side plank exercise. The introduction of the Bodyblade makes the exercise more challenging as the movements make it harder to stay steady, increasing core activation. To perform the exercise, lay on your side with your forearm firmly pressed against the balance pad (or stable surface), enter a side plank pose as seen in the video above, and move the Bodyblade from the front of your body above your head, pulsing out as you move.

Deadbug Exercise with URBNFit Exercise Ball

In the video above, we use the URBNFit Exercise Ball to complete the deadbug, which is a great exercise to help strengthen your core. To perform, lay on your back and bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle, then pinch the exercise ball between your knees and arms, which should also be at 90 degrees. Take the opposite arm and leg and slowly extend them away from the ball at the same time, before bringing them back at the same time. Repeat with the other side!


A strong core pays a lot of dividends when it comes to our health, and there are quite a few opportunities for us to strengthen it! This post has only covered two of many, and we encourage you to try other options and let us know what you think! As an Amazon Associate, Rehabilitation Health and our health professionals/practices earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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