Assist Tools Post Surgery

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Brand: Medical King


  • ★ 7 Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit ideal for surgery recovery, or for elderly people for daily living aid and for anyone with trouble of bending or twisting - this will help rehab easier - everything is lightweight and comfortable, very easy to use
  • ★ 32" GRABBER; includes 32" long handled reacher great for trash pickup, litter picker - comes with magnate to helps pick up small objects -
  • ★ SOCK HELPER: sock assist, help putting on socks with foam comfortable handles, this will help with easy on and easy off stocking slider
  • ★ DRESSING Sr socks and shoes and pantsTICK 27": comes also with zipper puller helps for shirts and suits / Jackets to wear them easy on and easy off - helps also fo
  • ★ LONG HANDLED SHOE HORN 17" helps put on your shoes and easy off, er hook will help you zipping clothes easy -
    ★ LEG LIFTER 42": will help lifting your leg easy and comfortable, perfect for physical th-
    ★ BUTTON HOOK and zipper hook, helps to close your shirt easy with out any pain zipperapy -
    ★ BATH SPONGE 20": helps you wash the hard to reach areas

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: 7 piece hip set includes 32" reacher grabber, sock aid, 17" long shoe horn, 20" dressing stick, 22" leg lifter strap, button hook & zipper hook, 18" Long Handled shower sponge - By medical king ★★★★★

Package Dimensions: 32.2 x 5.1 x 4.5 inches