The NextSling® is the all-in-one backpack shoulder sling designed by medical experts to immobilize the shoulder, eliminate the strain on the neck, and distribute the weight of an injured limb for improved patient recovery, rehabilitation, comfort, and ease of use. How easy is the NextSling to use: simply slip it over your head, adjust, and start recovering.

Fitting Instructions:

1. Slip the NextSling over your head.
2. Remove the Velcro® on the biceps cuff and forearm and place the injured arm into the NextSling.
3. Velcro® the forearm and biceps cuff and adjust all NextSling adjustable components for a snug and comfortable fit.

Return Policy:

We will refund or replace this item if it is returned within 30 days of purchase, but customers will be responsible for shipping costs.


Your NextSling may be hand or machine washed in warm (not hot) water. If machine washed, it should be washed separately to avoid snagging other garments. Attach all of the velcro hook and loop pieces together. Air dry your NextSling. Because the NextSling is made of foam material, an automatic dryer should not be used. Washing the NextSling can cause product deterioration and we cannot guarantee quality after washing.

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