TheraBand Stretch Strap with Loops to Increase Flexibility, Dynamic Stretching Tool for Athletes Including Dancers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, Runners, Pilates and Yoga Elastic Stretch Out Band

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Brand: TheraBand

Color: Black


  • 58" long x 1" wide tool to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and perform dynamic stretches without a partner for optimal muscle performance
  • Elastic band stretching strap stretches the perfect amount then resists further stretching, and the small and large loops enable users to securely and correctly hold positions to improve form for gymnasts and dancers
  • Band with toe loops allows for specific stretches to address plantar fasciitis and heel pain, while large loops are perfect for hamstring stretches, quadriceps stretches, stretching for lower back pain, and other flexibility improvements
  • Perfect flexibility enhancer for dancers, athletes, people recovering from surgery or going to the physical therapist, yoga class, Pilates or barre
  • Accomplish dynamic stretching exercises without a partner with the included exercise book that targets various muscles and muscle groups

Binding: Sports

Details: The TheraBand Stretch Strap was designed to facilitate both static & "contract-relax" stretching, making it a versatile tool for patients & athletes. The Stretch Strap is as effective as contract-relax partner stretching at increasing flexibility without the need for a partner. A step-up from a traditional elastic resistance band allows for more targeted stretching. The elastic stretching device delivers a more effective 'dynamic' stretch vs. static stretching or static stretching devices. A dynamic stretch is an active stretch that moves the muscle in it's full range of motion and isn't associated with a loss in strength or performance like some studies may have shown with static stretching. TheraBand makes a variety of similar products designed to facilitate rehabilitation, recovery, and strengthening, including elastic resistance bands and tubing, large exercise balls, Flexbars, soft weights, and countless other useful home workout essentials.

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches