Weighted Posture Training Pack

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The Weighted Posture Training Pack helps promote upper back extension without an abdominal support brace. When used properly under medical supervision, it is helpful in improving the core muscles & support the spine promoting good posture. This can be helpful in the treatment of kyphosis and osteoporosis.

INCLUDES: Posture Training Back Pack, 3 x 1/4 lb weights and 1 x 1 lb weight, Information Booklet plus Exercise Guide. Includes 1.75 lbs, holds up to 3 lbs, extra weights can be purchased separately.

SEE SIZING GUIDE PHOTO below to order the correct size: SM/Med or LRG/XL.

Grateful Acknowledgement:
The Weighted Posture Training Pack and instruction manual were developed based upon the extensive research, studies and publications created by Mehrsheed Sinaki, M.D., and her development of the R.O.P.E program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Dr. Sinaki’s dedication and strong commitment to the comprehensive management of osteoporosis is appreciated, internationally recognized and respected.